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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pilot 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Toki

It has been four years since Pilot Corporation Japan launched its 90th anniversary special edition fountain pen.

For their 90th Anniversary Limited Edition fountain pen, it uses Toki as the main theme. The Toki (Japanese Crested Ibis) was once a common bird in Japan. One can see the beautiful vermilion skin Toki bird flying over Japan blue sky.
One Sunny day back in 1981, people realized that the beautiful Toki bird has disappeared. The once common bird, or the oldest known Japanese birds that was even mentioned in the Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan, second oldest Japanese classic history book) has disappear and was no where to be found.
People has almost forgotten the unique vermilion skin color of this beautiful bird which is often called the Toki-red, which glisten in an beautiful golden color.

The was again discover on Sado Island in the Chubu region in the Niigata  Perfecture in 1999, but can no long be consider as a common bird as the the population has decreased so much. After the discovery, the Japanease bred this beautiful bird till date.
Under the skillful hands of the Namiki artisan and using the traditional maki-e techique, this beautiful Toki comes alive on this Emporer size anniversary limited edition fountain pen.
The Toki was crafted using the the Rankaku (egg-shell) maki-e technique, with a beautiful sky background using the Raden (mother-of-pearl) maki-e technique.
The artisan uses the Togidashi Taka maki-e technique to create the cloud, giving it dimension and bring the Toki alive.
This Pilot 90th Anniversary Limited Edition is limited to 90 pieces worldwide, and is still sought after by collectors.

What will be the 95th Anniversary Limited Edition theme?

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