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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Montegrappa Memoria

Montegrappa launched a model called Memoria, an Italian word which mean memory. We think it is an excellent name for a writing instrument as it bring up the important of a written word.

If this new pen model does not make you feel it is a actually a "new" model, you are not the only one. We feel the same way too.

The Montegrappa Memoris is actual a re-launch of the old Montegrappa pens model with a different colour and style. Montegrapp called it re-styled according to the most recent design criteria.  hmmmm ..... wonder what is the criteria ...
No Montegrappa is complete without the icon clip with the roller. While the roller at the clip end is small, the usefulness is big. It allow the its own to easy slip it into his/her pocket without have to struggle with the cloth.
Both the pen cap and barrel is in sterling silver with pinstripe finish.
The top of the cap has the same look (or styling) as the Montegrappa NeorUno. A crown shape pen top.
The decorated nib is our favor part of this Montegrappa Memoria pens.

By now, you should have noticed that every part of this fountain pen bring back a the "look alike" of other Montegrappa past model beside the colors.
Beside the above 3 styling which is in gloss finishing, it also comes in matt finishing. It is currently available locally.

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