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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pilot New Iroshizuku Ink 2012

Pilot released four new colors this year. They are kosomosu (pink), murasaki-shikibu (purple), ina-ho (golden brown) and chikurin (bamboo green).

It is currently available locally in Singapore. According to the local retailers, the Kosomosu and the Murasaki are two most popular colors of the four, with Chiku-Rin the least favour.

We are not a fun of green (chiku-rin), but we find the new Pilot bamboo green is pretty pleasing, and trigger us to look into our shade of green in the Iroshizuku ink.
The rice brown (ina-ho) color has a light shade of gold. It is nice.

If you are a big fan of the Pilot Iroshizuku, you might want to quickly stock up your supply.

We heard rumours that the "West" was complaining how we have enjoyed "reasonally" priced Pilot Iroshizuku ink, and Pilot Singapore addressed the complain by adjusting the price upward.

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