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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lamy Dialog 3 Black

As the writing instrument slowly and steady become a main stream of life style products and a fashion statement, it has become important for the pen manufacturers to design products that are not only funational but trendy.

Lamy doesn't want to get left behind by black color craze, therefore, they re-launched their latest product, Dialog 3 in black but not blindly.
The new Lamy Dialog 3 black comes in matt finishing, including the retractable clip.
The under lying material used is the same. It uses the black and white color to create it logo and the two simple guiding line, which was drawed to make it look as if it is part of the design.
The nib is the same; two tone 14k nib.
Even the semi-dome bowl uses to cover the nib is the same.
The Lamy Dialog 3 not only aesthetically it look different, Lamy has made a few improvement to the twisting mechanism.
When you dismantled the Lamy Dialog 3, you will noticed the Dialog 3 black has screw track on it pen barrel.
We believe this screw track is the simple improvement that Lamy introduced to resovle the problem of user over twisting the pen, which causing the pen barrel to come off.
When we examine both version of the Lamy Dialog 3's cap and their nib (below picture) , they both look the same to us but ...
... when we swapped the nib between the two versions, the nib feed ended facing upward.
This was a surprise to us as we were expecting that they are interchangable.

Happy New Year!!

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