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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Montegrappa Cult Collection Chaos Limited Edition

Sylvestor Stallone trying to use his stardom power to venture into the pen industry. He is Montegrappa newest partner and brand ambassador. For his first pen, the Rocky star uses in last movie The Expendables as an inspiration to kick start Montegrappa's new Cult colection.

According to the article in Pen World, it mentioned that Aquila says Stallone is fascinated with death and with the skull as its symbol. They researched skulls in art and found out that in the Middle Ages, skulls came to represent chaos.

And according to ancient Greeks, choas being the formlessness of matter before beginging of life. And the worst wrost part is they even quoted the Bible.

"The earth was without form and void." Genesis 1:2
Looking at the pen, we think that their hard work and effort in their research of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries art, including the works of Battista Franco, Albrecht Durer, Hans Sebald Beham and Antonio Pollaiolo.
There is no lack of details in this pen. It is very well plan and executed. If not for the dark theme, we would have add this pen into our colleciton.
Like the past Montegrappa silver or gold overlays limited edition pen, this pen uses the similar method, known as the lost was casting.
The pen clip is crafted to look at a sword that bear a skull with wing and a fist holding.
On the pen cap, there is a big snake crueling around it and looking toward south.
A very big skull, about the size of half the pen barrel was crafted. It is the center of attraction for this pen.
There are two lizards that crawlling around the skull. One crawling upward, another one downward.
If you guess that the nib is decorated with a skull, you are correct.
We are not sure how well the East will accept this pen and the cult collection. For us, it is like inviting death home and the theme just do not match for a pen. It also reminded us of the pain of the Killing Field and Khmer Rouge. It is a sad pen.

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