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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Montegrappa Frank Sinatra Limited Edition

Mont Blanc has John Lemon, Montegrappa has Frank Sinatra.

The Montegrappa latest ICON collection pay tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra.

Like it previous ICONs collection, the pay must representive the icon using the remarkable elements that signify artists, it is case Frank Sinatra.

On the pen cap, it is engraved with dedora logo used today by Frank Sinatra Enterprises to identify authorized Sinatra items.

We really love the pen clip of this pen, it is shaped in the form of a classic microphone.
Both the pen resin barrel and cap are decorated with simple white strip with resemble the fabric of a sharp pin-striped suit.

The 18K gold trim is decorated with a a musical staff and a G-clef.

Montegrappa Frank Sinatra limited eidition with sterling silver trim is limited to 1915 individual numbered worldwide to to honour the year Frank Sinatra was born (1915).

An additional 12 fountain pens 18K solid gold trim were also released to denote Sinatra’s birthday on December 12th.

It is currently available at all Singaproe authorized Montegrappa authorized retailers.

This pen was officially launch early this year at the Basel World 2011. Here is a link to the image of Montegrappa.


  1. First John Lenon, now Frank Sinatra. What's next? There are unlimited theme for Limited Edition. Limited Edition is meaningless

  2. Maybe be another brand will do one for Michael Jackson.