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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mont Blanc John Lennon Special Edition

October 9 was John Lennon 70th birthday. Mont Blanc commemorance Lennon's 70th birthday with a Special Edition writing instrument crafted exquisitely for Lennon.

There are three versions of the John Lennon Pen Collection - black Precious Resin, a more limited Silver overlay pen (limited wordwide 1940 pieces) and an extremely limited Skeleton pen (limited worldwide 70 pieces).

The black previous resin comes in fountain, rollerball and ballpoint.
Mont Blanc package this donation pen with a John Lenon Imagine 7 inch Single LP.

The clip of the pen is shaped like a guitar.

At the trim, the orinigal art work on John Imagine Imagine LP cover was engraved.
Five lines which represent the guitar string was engraved on on the piston cap.
On the fountain pen nib, it is decorated with the peace sign.
No Mont Blanc pen is completed without the Snow White Star.
For every fountain pen sold, Mont Blanc will donate 20 euro to selected cultural project supporting young artists worldwide. We are not sure which project as MB don't announce them.