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Friday, October 21, 2011

Namiki Golden Rose Limited Edition 2011

We received our Golden Rose, have your recieved yours.

The Namiki Golden Rose limited edition 2011 landed today and we are very excited to received it. The Namiki Golden Rose was prettier than what was on the pictures. The picture doesn't justify To this beauty. One really have to see the actual pen to very appreciate the beauty of the pen.

The entire Yukari Royale size pen is in gold color and decorated with gold powder. In order to give the Golden Rose dimension, different tone of gold color powder was used.
Even the section is gold in color.
The rose flower is painted using the Taka maki-e and different gold tone make the rose stand out from it golden background.
The leaves uses the Warigai (Cracked Shell Inlaid) technique with Aogai (blue shell) to create the necessary depth and contrast giving the necessary dimension to bring the roses alive.

This might be artisan Yutaka Sato first Namiki Limited Edition. Sato-san has done a fantastic work in combining the Togidashi-Taka (Burnished-Raised) Maki-e technique with Raden (Mother-of-Pearl) technique to crafted the Namiki Golden Rose.
Looking at this Namiki Golden Rose Limited by Yutaka Sato, we suggested that he might be the next rising maki-e star in Namiki.

This Yukari Royale size Golden Rose limited edition pen comes in 18K gold nib and a special golden rose ink bottle (not shown).

It is limited to 150 pieces worldwide, and it is currently available locally in all authorized Namiki retailers.

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