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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sailor Kyo Maki-e Hana Musubi Rosette

This Sailor Makie-e on resin was a once not available in the market place until recently Sailor bring it back into production in 2011.

We like the way the artisan uses the red ribbon runing down the rossette.

In just reminder of happy festive mood. The artisan painted two birds on the pen to further the happy feel of the pen.
One bird flying happy among the flowers on the bed cap.
Another bird flying happy among the flowers at the pen barrel.
The artisan uses simple sharp and design to paint the birds. It take us awhile to recognize it.
In the past, we are able to put up a special request to fix the Sailor with their Nagahara nib, but I was told now Sailor might only want to fix the Nagahara only on their larger pen.
Our Sailor Kyo Hana Musibi maki-e fountain pen is fixed with a Nagahara Cross Concord nib.
We are able to broad calligraphic stroke on the reverse side of the nib.

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