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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kutani Porcelain USB Thumb Drive 九谷焼

While waiting for our boys enrichment classes to end, we went for a walk at the Isetan Japan Festive and was immediately charmed by the Kutani porcelain thumb drive.

Kutani is a small town in Ishikawa prefecture well known for thier porcelain work like Arita.

The Kutani porcelain style is known for multiple colors such and bold design. It style is a bit different from the Arita Gen Emon Kilin style. The Kutani uses greens, blues, yellows, purples, and reds and the designs covered almost the entire surface of porcelain.

The capacity of this Kutaini porcelain is small, 8GB. However, the price is ten more expensive than the normal Sony thumb drive. It took me two days to decide if I should part our cash for it.

We are so excited about our new toy that we cannot to check the signature of the product.
In our layman knowledge, the Kutani porcelain should sign off with hanji 九谷, but it does not. We are asking our Japanese friend about the signature.

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