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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sailor Mont Fuji and Crane

Sailor Japan Co. released a few new maki-e on 1911 Classic fountain pens. The Mont Fuji and Crane is one of the them.

The artisan Kosen Oshita uses hira maki-e technique to illustrate Mt. Fuji and crane. Unlike most Mt. Fuji drawn by other artisan, Oshita-san has choosen to paint a red Mt. Fuji.

I think Oshita-san chose red to reflect the high energy level of the Japanese people.
At the foot of the red Mount Fuji, is a pine tree. It is green throughout the year, the pine tree symbolizes youth and longevity and is used as decorative plant in most Japanese gardens. It is also very popular for Bonsai.
On the pen cap, artisan Oshita-san painted a pair of Tsuru cranes flying freely in the sky.
Tsuru, in Japanese, is among the most majesyic of all cranes. Pure white with a magnificent red crest. For this pen, artisan Oshita-san painted in the red crest crane in gold to show the true value and import ant of this cranes.
Model name: Akafuji-ni-Tsuru (Mt. Fuji and Crane)
Number: 11-5010-420
Materials: Resin Large size 1911
Special features: Hira MAKI-E art Resin Fountain Pen by Kosen Oshita
Filling system: Converter & Cartridge type
Nib selection: M, 21K Gold

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