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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sailor Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Arita Yaki Somertsuke Kiri Hou-ou

Beside the Sailor Shima Kuwa Mulberry Limited Edition, Sailor also released an Arita Yaki Samertsuke Kiri Houou in paralle with the Shima Kuwa Mulberry to mark their 100th years of pens making.

This beautiful Arita-Yaki luxury writing set is the fine product produed by the craftmans co-operated by Koransha (company with 400 years of history) and Sailor Pen Co.

Unlike the Arita non limited edition, the Kiri Hou-Ou Limited Edition is presented in a black glossy finished multi-tiered lacquer box and accompany with a set of desk accessories.
The box comes with two drawers, and a open top pen tray for five pens. The box is finished with the Aizu-nuri, a special urushi technique used frequently to decorate and protect special wooden products.
The Hou-ou (Phoenix) is choosen as the pattern to mark this significant event becuase it eastern culture, it is symbol of good luck. The pure white procelain body of the pen painted with a Phoenix in an elegant and delicate manner.
The Phoenix drawn is the same and original Phoenix design of the Arita-Yaki presented to The Emporer 'Taisho' by the Koransha Company at the end of the Meiji era.
On the pen can triming, Mokume-Gane is used. It is a very special metal process technology of Koransha. A technique that was invented by the company at the begining of the Edo era, which utilize the different color between metals to created a profound wooden gain pattern.
The trimming is made with 18K white gold and silver.

The desk accessories are also made of Arita-yaki.
On the top of the paper weight (picture above) is the Hou-ou.
At the side, it is decorated with flower design.
On the ink bottle cap, it is the decorated with old Sailor logo.
The whole ink bottle is also decorated with Phoenix.
The pen tray is no exception. It is also decorated with Phoenix design.
On the side of the tray, it is decorated with the same flower design as the others.
Beside the above mentioned desk accessories, it also comes with a cleaning kits and cloth.
Both the pen and box are engraved with the limited edition number.

This beautiful Arit-Yaki Somertsuke Kiri Hou-ou luxury writing set is limited to 100 set worldwide.

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  1. By for one of the most gorgeous limited edition I've seen. Beautiful!