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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pen Stand for the Emporer

Last month (June 2011), while waiting for our children to finish their class, I visited Aesthetic Bay.

Since I am not able to find a nice pen tray for the my desk, I thought it will be cool if I can have a few pen stands display on my desk at disfferent height for my desk fountain pen.

Out of curosity, I asked if the pen stand that Aesthetic Bay using for their display was for sales. Now, I am a proud owner of a few pen stands.
The pen stand is made from wood (hmmm... not sure the kind of wood). I don't think it is one of those exotic wood based on it selling price. It is redish in color, and lacquer gloss finished.

The maximum size it is able to support is the Namiki Emporer fountain pen. As I foundout just two days ago while taking the pictures of the stand, it is actually mean for Namiki Emporer. It doesn't look look on a regular size time.

The picture below is my Nakaya cigar size fountain pen rest on the stand.
Does it look good?

We think the stand is too big for the pen.


  1. Nice! It even have a houseofpens.blogspot.com printed on it!

  2. the label can be made using self labeling machine.