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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sailor 1911 Classic Black Matte

This is not the first Sailor matt black finsihing fountain pen. There is a earlier version in gold trimming.

What make this 1911 matte black special is the black brass, nickel-chrome ion platting gripping section.

The weight balace is exxcellent, making it an ideal pen for continuous writing without tiring the hand and a perfect everyday pen.
The actual name that Sailor from Sailor is 1911 Large For Lawyer Matt Black Rhodium Fountain Pen. A model name that we could not comprehen.
Are you bother by the model name that is "For Lawyer"?

1 comment:

  1. I purchased this pen at Ultimate Pen, an exclusive pen shop at the Queen Victoria Bldg in Sydney for $270.(Discounted by $25) The shop representative also threw in a free sailor convetor and 4 individual catridges included in the original price. My friend put forward $100 towards as a gift for me. That worked out well. Here is THE good news, when I told the shop representative I wanted a double bb or broad pen, with good ink flow, he recommended sailor and this pen writes beautifully, best purchase ever. Great on the bold nib, great thick writing. I am so happy, yes, this is a pen for lawyer, as I am one.