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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pelikan Souveran M800 O3B nib

Last year, Pelikan released a Italic nib for the M800, but it price was about fifty percent more than the usual  model. As I am not welling to pay the extra, I decided to reseach into the possiblity of other nib that will give me a similar type of variation.
There are not many manufacturer that offer a wide range of nibs. I discovered the Peilikan O3B nib. This is not a popular nib and not easily available. It is not stock by local retailers. Hence, I will just have to order one.

I was very excited after receiving the pens in 2 weeks. I wasted no time, and immediately ink in on the same day.

Here is a first try, writing using the Pelikan M800 with O3B nib.
When I first filled the pen, it write pretty smooth except toward the end of the page. It started to skip and ink flow start to have problem. As it is a O3B ink, it ink consumption is very high. I needed to fill the pen very night.

I used the pen for a month, and the ink flow problem is very consistent. This problem occurred when the ink is about a quarter full.
Enlarge version of the first three line.
As I am a right-handed, I need to adjust my hand allow the nib to land on the paper properly. If the writing angle is not right, even a degree off, I will also skipping problem. This nib is much more sensitive as compare to Lamy OM nib.

After a long day, my hand became very tired because I needed to adjust my angle of writing. This is a nib not for a right handed writer.

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