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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Namiki Traditonal Toys - Hagoita

The Chinese New Year is about a week away. A lot of us are busy doing spring cleaning.

When we first saw the Namiki Nippon Art Traditional Toys Hagoita, it bring back some of good old memory when I was a boys. Hanetsuki was a game played by the girl during the New Year.

It is very similar to badmintion, except the player uses decorated wooden paddles and a shuttlecock with a rubber base. The player just gather in a circle, and not with a court and net.

Namiki has created did a good job in bringing the traditional toys design to their Nippon Art series. The barrel is decorated with Hagoira (wooden paddler) with cheery bossom. The cap is decard with hane (shuttlecock).

The Namiki Nippon Art pens comes complete with a 14K gold nib.

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