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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eco Accessories, Sharpener, and Magic Staplers

The financial melt down has given us the sign that we need to over come our resistant to change. A message that telling us that we have consumed too much, and developed a system that is not sustainable.

The global warming issue has been in the back burner for years. The 2008 Great Recession has injected fear to our family, forces me to take time for self-reflect, and realize the time to change is NOW.

We are the people to heed our warning heat attack. If wait for a climate Peal Harbour, it will too late. The Scale of impact is likely to be unmanageable, and might alter our (future) human civilization.

When the Day come, there is no where to hide, we are global. The impact is global.

There is no one else. There is no other time. It is us and the time is now.
With the determine to change, we decided our gift should be eco friendly, and it should encourage others to be eco friendly. As we love desk accessories, we went out hunting for fun and eco friendly accessories. We found stapler that don't use those steel refill.
It come in may different colours, orange, red, silver/black, and black/white (shown in the pictures).
The ideal is very innovative. When you push the level down, it does it punch a hole on your paper. At the same time, folded the paper to make it look like a clip. Very cool!!!
However, it can only hold a maxiumum of 5 sheets of 80gsm of paper. The Good news is, they do have desk top model which can staple up to 10 sheets.

Here is a much more expensive model. This is a bigger stapler but does the same function.

On our last day of shopping, we found the robot sharpener at Isetan level 2 promo counter. The counter was strategically placed in front the escalator as you went down.

The robot sharpener reminded me of our childhood metal robot. The robot not only sharpen your pencils. You can wind it up and it walk.
Merry Chritmas And Happy New Year!

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