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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sailor Gold Koi Limited Edition

Fook Hing Trading is fifty this year. As an appreciate for all their customers support, Fook Hing Trading and Sailor worked togather to release a limited edition to comemorate this significant moment.

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What kind of design will best representFook Hing Trading?

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 A Gold Koi, also known as "nishiki goi" or brocaded carp.

This gold koi was specially chosen because it sumbolizes love and friendship, two important key values which owner and staffs of Fook Hing Trading holds dear in its relation with its valued customers since it open it door for business 50 years ago.
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During it fifty years of operation, Fook Hing Trading had went through many up and down of the Singapore economic. It has wittness the progress of Singapore from independent to becoming a moderm city. It has navigated and grow just like our Little Red Dot, Singapore.
Just like this few pictures, the colour may changed, but the two key virues which Fook Hing Trading hold so dearly had not, and will not.

The gold koi is well known for it ability to survive and adapt to many different climates and conditions. Just like the gold koi, may this be a start to many good years ahead.
On the cap are three Chinese anicent gold coins,auspiciously representing prosperity and good fortune. This pen will bring many good fortune to the owner and many good years.

This beautiful design are created by master maki-e artisan Kousen Oshita, the Fourth Generation family artisan of the famous Kaga maki-e artisan master Sokkou Oshita.

Master Kousen Oshita is well known for his clean yet delicate maki-e style. He had been working with maki-e design since 1983. Many of his master pieces and special works are exhibited in Japan Traditional Craft Art and Design shows, and several private exhibitions.
Mast Kousen Oshita is also a certified Traditional Craft Artisan by the Minister of International Trade and Industry. He is a Trustee of the Kaga Art Association, and a member of Japan Crafts Council-Ishikawa Branch.

This Kaga maki-e Gold Koi Limited Edition is limited to 50 pieces, and is only available at Fook Hing Trading. This hand crafted fountain pen come complete with the reowned 21-karat hand crafted nib under the careful supervision of the most famous master nib design Nobuyoshi Nagahara.

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