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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pelikan Edelstein

Here is a geme stone that an average person can afford, but not everybody will find it useful. The Pelikan Edelstein, a German word which mean gem stone.

Pelikan a well known brands for it ecomnoical value, had released a range of expansive inks to compete in the upper range of the ink market.
This new range of ink is a total redesign from it current range of ink products to justify for the five times more expansive.

The designer of the new ink bottle design had created a unique identity and characteristic for Pelikan ink. Unlike the current ink bottle, which had a similar design as the other brands, customers can identify the Pelikan ink because of it beautifully design ink bottle.
Pelikan released 7 gem stone colors - Mandarin Orange, Jade, Rudy, Sapphire, Onyx, Topaz, and Aventurine.

We tried the Mandarin Orange and the Tpoaz using the Pilot Capless and Sailor Realo music nib. Overall, it is a bit toward the dry side. We love the ink, but not the price.
Christmas is around not too far away. The beautifully design ink bottle is an good gift to your love one and fellow pen users.

The ink is currently avaiable local in Singapore.

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