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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Namiki Pavilion

The Chinese Pavilin has a long history dated back to Zhou Dynasty (1046 - 256 BC). It is bascially a covered structure without surrounding walls. In the early days, it was used as watch towers and later become a place for resting and enjoying the scenery and finally becoming part of the scenery itself.

The Japanese and Chinese pavilion has many similarity in design.

Master craftman Kyusai Yoshida had captured the beautiful of this simple Pavilion architectural marvelously.
Using the charcoal burnished Shishiai-Togidashi-Taka maki-e technique, Master Yoshida craft the 2 level pavilion in red with a mountain scene. The cherry blossom tree in full flower tell us it is spring time.
The mountain scene behind the pavilion is breath taking, and well painted in gold.
On the cap, Master Yoshida painted a row of pine tree.

The Namiki Emporer Pavilion is fixed with the biggest 18K nib, no. 50, from Namiki. As this is a old series of the Namiki Emporer collection, it comes in a single tone 18K no. 50 nib.

The new Namiki Emporer collection like the Chinkin Tiger and Emporer Crane come in two tone 8K nib with mount fuji engraved nib.

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