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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pelikan Limited Edition - Fire

Since the discovery of fire some 790,000 years ago, mankind had discover many uses of it - From protecting themself to killing each others.

In ancient time, fire ensureed the survival of entire tribe or group. It provide protection from wild animals, provided warmth and light, and enabled the cooking of good.

Millennia later, we learned how to destroy and shape with fire. Mankind made land usable through slash and burn agriculture. Ashes remained and new leife created.

New technology is invented everyday, but fire is still the most economical method to make land usable for agriculture till today.

Each year in Singapore, we will have a "haze" period or season. A time where the air PSI went up so high that schools have to be closed and public activities have to be cancelled because the air is not at unhealthly level for the general public.

Where are this "Haze" come from?

Many thanks to the farmer in our good neighbour country, Indonesia. Each year, they will set fire to their farm or forest to make the land reusable.

Our government has been working with the Indonesia government for years. Based on the number of air cleaner sold each year, we think it had been successfull.

Over time, fire has developed into a powerful symbol. The most well-known symbol for peace, Olympic flame.

In ancient time Olympic, the flames symbolized peace between the nations and it was forbidden to wage war while the Olympic fire was burning.

This year Singapore is hosting the first Youth Olympic Game. Pilot Singapore released two Limied Edition fountain pens for this significiant event. One if the Capless Limited Edition, and the Nippon Art Singapore Orchard.

Pelikan Limited Edition Fire is a good alternative for collectors and users who couldn't get thier hand on the Pilot YOG Limited Edition.
The Pelikan Limited Edition Fire fountain pen cap is made from high grade resin. Pelikan engraved the fire alter on this fierry red gleaming cap. The motif is can also be found as a relief on the gold clip.

Pelikan "Fire" emphasizes on the magical and facinating facets of fire. Combining the beauty and unbridled strength of the fire element to honors mankind's skill in turning fire into a powerful tool.

The Pelikan Fire Limited Edition fountain pen is crafted in red, mirroring fire's power. The metal shaft is lacqured and polished repeatedly to give it a perfect mirror like finishing. The golden flames scorching the shaft was delicately lasered and polished on the deep red embers.

The golden plated dancing flame snake out of fire alter bursted into fiery glittering sparks of white topaz. This precious stones is carefully set by hand individually.

The Pelikan Fire limited edition fountain pen is individually numbered, and it is fixed with a high quality 18 carat gold nib with iridium tip which embossed with the relief of a blazing fire.

Only 500 pieces of this limited edition fountain pen are make available worldwide.

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