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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parker Premier, an understated elegance writing instrument

The year of the Ox (2009) was a year of turmoil, global economics is bad, people losses job and home, and consumers cutting back on spending.  Parker, a company that had weather through many bad time, released only one major product line.  Premier is the only major product line that they released.

We can't remember when was the last time we purchased a Parker

hmmm... maybe 10 years ago or even longer
When we saw the Parker Premier fountain pen, we tell ourself that we just need have these pens in our collection.

The design was elegance and the craftmanship was excellent.
The feel that it give us does not dissappoint us. This is another Parker product that demostrate their know-how of the writing instrument technology.
The Parker Premier triming is in 23K gold plated.
The nib is 18K gold nib giving us the ultimate in writing comfort.
The Parker Premier come in four type of finishing and design. They are Graduated Chiselling Delux with silver triming, Tartan Chiselling with Deep Black laquer with silver plated triming, Deep Black laquer with gold plated trimming, and Deep Black laquer with silver trimming.

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