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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rumours, Rumours ... ONLINE pens

Thomas and Alexandra Batsch founded ONLINE-Pen in 1991 to manufacture functional and design oriented writing instruments for students, the young and the young at heart customers.

The company currently employed more than 100 people at its modern company buildings in Neumarkt, Germany.

Fook Hing Trading, a 50 years old company, continue to surprise their customer with new quality products. The ONLINE-Pens are now available locally at their good shop.

Sparkling crystal never failed to charm us. ONLINE has a range of ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens which uses the sparkling CRYSTALLIZED from Swarovski Elements to style in pens, and radiate emotion.
For wood lover, ONLINE All Wood attractive design will stir up some emotion by the soft velvety feel of the beautiful and precious wawa-wood. It comes in ballpoint and mechancial pencil in 0.9mm. NO fountain pen. :-(

Rediscover the joy of writing and design with the ONLINE Newood pens. It is design specially design for calligraphy and penmanship lover. It is fixed with high quality calligraphy nib, which allows almost everyone to show off their penmanship. It also comes in rollerball.
Pearl is timeless elegance just like the rosewood.

ONLINE pen combined this two wonderful beauty into their Rose'N'Peal collection (above), a real gems of mother natural. It comes in fountain pens and ballpoint.
Rose'N'Pearls is too complex for you.

ONLINE pen has the River Pearl collection which may need your needs. This special mother-of-pearl is made from Pinctada Maima, which come from the South Sea oyster.
Finally, the Timeless collection from ONLINE pen. A pen that is made from a 45,000 years old Kauri wood from New Zealand. This ancient Kauri-Wood pen is fixed with high quality nib covered with gold and rhodium plated. The metal parts is also rhodium plated to it maintence it shine.

ONLINE Timeless pen comes in fountain pen, rollberball, ballpoint and mechancial pencil in 0.9mm.

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