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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yonex ... Not Badminton Racket, but Fountain Pen

Previously, we mentioned that Yonex-Sailor was only for the Japan domestic market. Sailor changed their mind. It is now available at our local retailer.

It come in 3 colours, black, green and Bordeaux. The pen doesn't come with any clip.

When we get to know about the Yonex and Sailor is working on this project in August, we were wondering how the pen is manufacture, and the structure of carbon fiber compound material lid and trunk.

Briefly, this is our understanding how it was made

(1) The carbon fiber compound material are makes to half callousness by weaving the carbon fiber with epoxy resin to produce "Prepreg".

(2) The "Prepreg" is rolled according to the size of the product using a molds to produce "Mandrel (shinbou)", and treated it with high temperature.

(3) "Mandrel" is extracted after it molds it, the surface is finished up by grinding, and the carbon fiber compound material pipe is completed.

(4) Prescribed painting is given to this pipe at the end, put to dry under the Sun, and cut according to product size. The cap and the trunk parts are completed.

Yonex is well known for making golf shafts and racket badminton. These cabon fiber fountain pens is manufacture using the same manufacturing method of the sports equipment shaft part, and the same degree of finish and strength as the golf shaft for women and the senior.

Pen Details:
Mobel Name: Yonex-Sailor 2009 Infinity
Nib: 14K with rhodium plating, only come in M size.
Cap and Barrel: Cabon filber
Section: PMMA resin
Metallic part: Nickel chrome plating finish
Filling system: Converter
Size of main body: φ14.5×138.2mm
Weight: 25.0g

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  1. I thought they would use shuttlecock as inspiration and create a feather pen.