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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bull or No Bull ... Running for the Nude

Dervied from the Latin word for bull and the Greek word for battle, the Tauromaquia was widespred speatacle throughout the the Mediterranean during the second millenium BC and still taking places today in Spain, Mexico and Portugal.

The origins of the event are still debated today but most historians agree that games involving men and bulls were held in both Greece and ancient Rome.

It was during the reign of John II that the first dedicated bull fighting rings were build in Spain. It is a pastime that has had both support and opposition from authorities through the ages and which has inspired poets such as Garcia Larca, painters such as Picasso and writers of the caliber of Hemingingway.

The event consists of fighting with a bull, usually reared on a special forum, according to a passionate and intense ritual. Folklore, colors, and music merge to create the spectuacle of the fight between man and beast and the suspended silence of the final art.

While it might be a national sport for Spain, there are hundreds of people who are against such killing of the bulls.

Just two days before the first bull run every year, hundreds of activists - most wearing little more than a red scarf and plastic horns - ran through the streets of Pamplona for the "Running for the Nudes". Compassionate and fun loving people from around the world met in Pamplona for the run, to show the city that it doesn't ned to torture animals for tourism.

Omas translates all this bull or no bull passinate and intense ritual of bull fighting into a spectacular writing instrument. The fountain pen use of enamel and precious mental evoke the dominant color of this sophicated yet primeral struggle - the red, purple and bright yellow of the cap, the powerful black of the bull and the orange of the sand and sun.

The 18k gold nib is engraved with flowers to symbolize harmony and light.

At the top of the cap is made from the natual horn to symobolize the arena.
The range of meaning and colour in this Omas Tauromaquia Limited Edition combined to form a work of art to be show cased.

Only 500 fountain pens avalable worldwide.

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