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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Their very own ink ...

Unlike Japan, here in Singapore we only have a handful of good pens retailers. E&C is the only retailer who managed to get Namiki and Sailor to create pens just for them, design that is unique and available from their 2 stores. And they come in limited number (limited edition). Of course, all this "just for EC" design come with a premium.

As we are very late in the pen collection, and does have deep pocket, we can only affort a bottle of their "premium" E&C ink.

The picture on the box is Mr. Herman Chan (Owner of E&C) holding his son hand when he was small. Now, the little boy had grow up.

How good is the ink?

With the price we are paying, we perfer to buy a bottle of Sailor, Pilot, Namiki or Omas.

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