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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decling Populative ... Slowly turning Venice into a ghost city

There is no time better than now to pick up a good piece of collection regarding Venice. According to an Today newspaper article dated November 22, 2009 titled "Declining Population - Venice mourns its death", the population of the city is declined to at a alarming number of below 60,000.  The local feel like an endangered species and fear that the city into a ghost city in 30 years with no Venetians left.

During the transition between Richmont to Elmo Monegrappa, they introduced the limited edition City d'Arte Venezia. It helped to give the city the necessary attention from the fountain pen world.

The first St. Mark church was replaced in 832 but was burned down in rebellion in 976, rebuilt in 978, and finally form the base of the present baccilla in 1063. I was consecrated in 1904, the same year the body of St. Mark was supposedly rediscovered in a pillar by Vital Faller.

Although the basic structure has little alteration, its decoration changed greatly over time. During the 14th century, the venetian vessel bought home all kind items from Orient and add them as the fabric of basillica.
Montegrappa, an ambassador of italian style and creativity, pay homage to this timeless beauty and a precious heritage for humanity through a limited edition collection of their finest writing instrument, which composed of 1912 pieces; 1000 piece of fountain pens, 880 rollerball pens in silver and lacquer, and 32 fountain pens in a more precious 18K gold and lacquer version.

One reason why the writing instrument was composed of 1912 pieces worldwide is to honour the year Montegrappa was established.

This limited edition fountain pen was crafted by skillfil Montegrappa artisan using ancient die-cast techique.

The four magnificant horses above the main entrance and the typical rosettes on its facade is skillfuly crafted on the barrel of his limited edition fountain pen.
The making of this magnificant pen started out from a sculpture patiently and meticulously made by artisan over a period of months. The writing instrument is an authentic work of art, produced with precious metal using the lost wax casting technique and polished to finished by hand.
The clip had been refined and enhanced with a distinctive rotating sphere.

The lacquer cap and barrel tip are in venetian red to represent the strength and wealth of one of the most fascinating maritime republic.
The nib is decorates with the same rosettes design on its facade. The 18K white gold nib is embellish with a yellow gold rosette and the 18K yellow gold nib with a white gold rosette.
The cap top is decorated with a lion, inspired by one of the centuries old symbols of Saint Mark.

The expreience and thrill are further enhancement by Montegrappa presenting this excellent fine writing instrument in a beautiful and elegant red case shaped like a treasure chest with lock and a gold plated key ... give the collectors a feeling almost as if to protect the secrets of beauty and art that have been hidden for centuries among the narrow streets of Venice, Italy.

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