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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink is in ... Hello Kitty

Who on earth is Hello Kitty?

The little Kitty is a fictional character created by Ikuko Shimizu of Sanrio Japan. This year is Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary. The whole world, especially Japan, is preparing for the Hello Kitty big day. There are many new products released recently, like application for the iPhone, guitar, rice cooker, games, as we march toward November 1. Sailor also catches onto this fever and released a Hello Kitty special edition. It is a sweet berry professional gear slim Mini Sapporo fountain pen. The pink barrel is short and light. The nib and cap is engraved with Hello Kitty. It comes in 14K fine and medium nib.

This is a must have for all the Hello-Kitty fans out there. Below is the profile of Hello Kitty, for all daddies and mummies out there, to help you to show off to your little ones that you are not out of date.

Real name: Kitty White
Birthday: November 1, 1974
Blood type: A
Home: Suburban London (not Japan)
Height: Five apples
Weight: Three apples
Good at: Making Cookies
Favorite Food: Mama’s Apple pie
Favorite Word: Friendship
Collects: Small, cute things, like candy, stars, goldfish etc.
Favorite subject: English, music and art
Other comments: A bright and cheerful girl with a heart of gold, makes delicious cookies, but prefers Mom’s Apple pie. Hello Kitty’s best friend is her twin sister Mimmy.

Family members:
1. Papa: George White
2. Mama: Mary White
3. Sister: Mimmy, twin sister
4. Grandpa: Anthony White
5. Grandma: Margaret White

Hello Kitty has many friends. Here is a list of them:
Mory – A shy little mole who lives in Kitty’s home.
Joey – Kitty’s closest classmate. A careless little mouse who is unbeatable at playing chasing.
Rorry – A little squirrel who knows the ins and outs of the woods.
Tim and Tammy – A pair of brother and sister monkeys who will always know where fun activities are.
Cathy – A quiet and kindhearted bunny who always put others first before self.
Fifi – A busy and talkative little lamb
Tippy – A kind and strong little bear who always wanted to be Kitty’s boyfriend.
Tracey – A little rascal raccoon which is full of energy.
Jodie – A smart dog who dreams to be a researcher when he grows up. He loves to study.
Thomas – A hasty little bear who has pockets full of jokes.

Pen Details
: PMM-Resin
Nibs: 14K fine, medium nibs with Hello Kitty engraved
Length: diameter 17mm, 103mm, 132 mm (with cap posted)
Weight: 15.8g

The pen is not available in Singapore.