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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello Kitty ... not the ordinary kitty next door

Hello Kitty will be 35 this year. The the heat has not cool down looking at the depth and breadth of events that are going on in Japan and some parts of the world, except Singapore; we can't feel it. As a Sailor pen fan, we have helped some Kitty fan, like our sister and company, to order the Kitty special limited edition (picture available on our blog on dated July 1, 2009 "Pink is in...").

Recently, we discovered Sailor has also released a Hello Kitty Limited Edition to commemorates the 35th Hello Kitty birth anniversary. It is individually number, with a production capacity of just 100 pieces, and only available in Japan. However, the price is much higher.

This pen is very different from the Special Edition. In our option, it is not as sweet and cute looking. The barrel is in pink with a brass cap in chrome finishing. On a cap, it is stamp with Hello Kitty logo and heart mark. The 21K board nib is also stamp with the Kitty logo.

Pen Details:
Size: Length 140mm Diamter 14mm
Nibs: 21K board nibs with Hello Kitty engraved
Weight: 44.2g
Limited: 100 pcs (individually number)
Availablity: Not available in Singapore

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