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Friday, July 31, 2009

Drive your car and feel the ERP(ain)

Singapore divers be aware!!!The ERP(ain) is getting more painful. The rates at some gantries will be revised from next Monday (August 3, 2009).

A dollar more ($1.00) for motorist passing the gantry at the CTE, north of Bradell Road, between 7am to 7:30am on weekdays.

Fifity cents more ($0.50) for motorist passing gantry at the ECP Fort road and KPE slip road gantries between 7:30am to 8am.

Did I hear someone shouting ... so what? I am rich leh. Here is more pain for you.
After giving the local some sweeten to ease the pain at the begining of the month, Shell and Caltex have increased their pump price by at least 3 cents for all petrol grades.

[note: At the begining of the month, the pump price was dropped by 5 cents for 95-octane, 98-octane and premium grades]
Here is a quick view of the revised price.
95-Octane: $1.767 per litre (up 5 cents)
98-Octane: $1.88 per litre (up 6 cents)
Diesel: $1.293 per litre (up 3 cents)

ExxonMobile is no exception. They also adjusted their pump price upward.

Not all motorist are feeling the same ERP(ain) next Monday. For those motories passing through the 12 gantries at Bugis-Marina center Cordon and north bound Singapore River, they will be feeling lesssss pain as they will pay a dollar less ($1) from 2pm to 3pm and 5pm to 5:30pm.

The ERP(ain) rates at all the other gantries remain unchanged.

Alternative, you can reduce the ERP(ain) by taking the public transport which help reduce the green house effect and do our little part for mother earth. And the important, it save you some $$$. The money you saved can be use to buy one of those luxuary car:pen like Mercedes Benz, Porsche Design or Jaguar.

For motorcycle fan, we didn't left you out. Here is a few Durcati pen for you.

The next LTA review will be in November. In the meantime, wear your seat belt, drive safely, don't tail gate and ... continue to feel the ERP(ain) and enjoy the ride.

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