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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fountain Pen without a cap ... Capless

In the past, fountain pen is always view as big and black cylinder shaped pen that is old fashion, out dated and uninteresting. All these has change with the introduction of the Pilot Calpless Fountain Pen. Pilot has injected live into the boring and out dated design of fountain pen. It not only introduce more lively color like Red, Green, and blue, the creative people at Pilot also removed the cap of the fountain pen... introducing the retractable nibs. This is how the pen got it names, Pilot Capless... a fountain pen without a cap. It look like the ballpoint pen with the click click button at the top, and it also give you the convenience of a ballpoint pen, which doesn't have to remove the cap before you can start writing.

The Pilot capless has brilliant design and ingenious technology, and refined elegant style. Featuring a larger size, durable metal body and attractive gold or chrome accents.

Since it first introduction, it has evloved. It must has a range of slimmer size, and ligther body, Capless Decimo. The available color has also expand from the initial blue and black carbonesque, to yellow, silver, red, green, black, grey, blue, chrome, white, pearl white, harvest gold, etc.

The Pilot Capless not only give the goodness and characteristic of a fountain pen, it also convenience and style of a ballpoint pen. In a lot of occassion, it is always one of the talking point.
Besdie the usual colors that Pilot released for the international market, pilot sometime does release special colors for Japan domestic market. Here is a Japan only Limited Edition of the pens (limited to 1000 pieces).

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