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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

End of the Road ... Namiki Carp on Waterfall 「鯉の瀧登り」

Next in line after Namiki model Early Autumn to reach the end of live is Carp on Waterfall. Namiki announced it will stop releasing the pen. The pen is currently still available locally and a few oversea shops. With the official announcement, we foresee speculator will be rushing to buy up the available stock and dry up the market soon.

Among the 5 emporer size pens, this is the pen that used the most gold dust. The layout and form is nice and uniform. The necessary details of the carp is good as compare to the Sailor newly released pen. Unlike the other pens, the clip of the pen is also cover with maki-e gold dust, and not gold plated. The artisan 村田 百川 has done a excellent job is bringing out the liveliness of the carp. The art expressed the liveliness and the dynamics of the Murata river carp climbing the Taki.

The price is also right if you compare it against the Namiki CatFish, which is a Yukari Royal. Hence, no other pen give you more value than this Namiki Carp on Waterfall.

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