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Friday, October 18, 2013

Platinum Tiger In The Dark Maki-e (Shikkoku Anei taketoraou-zu) Fountain Pen Limited Edition

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. launched their second sumikoage maki-e fountain pen last month (September).

In maki-e technique, there are few makie techniques to raise the design. One of the maki-e technique is called Sumikoage technique, which uses charcoal powder to raise the design.

I was told that the artisan has to craft the pen in a control air-flow environment to avoid the fine charcoal powder from floating in the air. The artisan also also need to good breathing technique for the same reason, and breathing in the fine charcoal powder which might cause health problem.

The images of tiger and bamboo forest drawn on the center of the jet-black body are coated in several layers before different part of the design are raise to different level to give it a three dimension effect.

According to Platinum, the Tiger In the Dark design is to signify the human living in free world. The bamboo forest represent the mother earth (the World), and the tiger is the human who walk across the world without any bounds.

hmmm ... sound more like a sad world.
This Platinum maki-e limited edition fountain pen is also the first platinum maki-e pen model that has a “slip & seal” mechanism, which keeps the ink fresh over time by simply putting the cap on. It doesn’t require maintenance and offers a smooth writing experience even after not using the pen for two years.

Here is a few close up pictures of the Platinum Tiger In The Dark Maki-e (Shikkoku Anei taketoraou-zu) Fountain Pen Limited Edition.
 photo Platinum-TigerLE-04_zps4f84b203.jpg
Unlike the Platinum Tiger in the Dark maki-e fountain pen limited is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and is currently available at Aesthetic Bay Pte Ltd and Fook Hing Trading.

 photo Platinum-TigerLE-05_zps25e35bf2.jpg

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