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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DaniTrio Voice of Cricket Limited Edition

For maki-e pens lovers, you must make a trip to Fook Hing Trading. Danitrio makie pens has gone quiet in the local market for awhile. A recent visit to Fook Hing Trading, I discover they have increases the range of Danitrio makie fountain pens.

There is also different price ranges of makie Danitrio fountain pens to meet different group of pen lovers.

The Dani Trio Voice of Cricket maki-e fountain pen caught my eyes. It is the creation of artisan Masayuki Haria.

Unlike the other maki-e pens barrel, Masayuki created a very unique maki-e technique to create a net pattern on the barrel. The net is raise, giving the feel of a net wrapping round the pen.

The drawing of the pen too is very simple too. This is what really attracted me; the entire drawing is draw using simple line.

The major objective on the pen is the silhouette of crickets.
One crickets on the pen pen cap. Masayuki uses the nashiji and hira maki-e technique to create the beautiful golden moon.
Another cricket is drawn on the pen barrel.

Did you notice that the moon and the cricket are draw on top of the base net?
The Danitrio Voice of Cricket Limited Edition fountain pen is limited to 20 individually numbered worldwide.
The beauty of this maki-e fountain pen is the simplicity of the design. While the design is simple, the maki-e technique used is not simple.

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