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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bortoletti Inkwell Cal40

I was charmed by Bortoletti inkwell back in 2005 when I was travelling in Sydney. Just over the weekend, I picked up a few inkwells at our friendly local fine writing instrument retailer Fook Hing Trading.

These inkwell is a fine decoration on my writing desk, and  good talking pieces among my guests.

Here is a few photo shoots of the Bortoletti inkwell.

The inkwell comes with a beautifully engraved cap.
The Bortolletic inkwell model cal40 comes with a pen rest, but it is too small to hold my Omas pen. It is only good for slim pens.

There is a similar Bortolletic inkwell model Cal45 which doesn't have the pen rest. It costed the same as Cal40.
The rest is not just a flat piece of plate, but comes with some engraved texture to create a friction to hold your help. It doesn't work. :-(
The Bortolletic inkwell base is decorated with the same design pattern as the cap.
All corners are decorated.

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