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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Namiki Maki-e Vanishing Point Kagimonyou and Nanten

 photo Capless-Makie-00_zps4ea774f5.jpg
Namiki launched two maki-e vanishing point fountain pens using hira maki-e technique. They are Kagimonyou (Key Pattern Wave) and Nanten (Heavenly Bamboo).

Here is a few picture of the latest and hotest maki-e pens.

The artisan painted short straight line to create wave pattern.
The wave pattern is painted only at the center of the black capless fountain pen.

The pattern is just big enough to please the eye.
The artisan also paint the heavenly bamboo toward the center of the black vanishing point.
The Namiki logo no longer painted at the center.
 photo Capless-Makie-01_zps034d25a3.jpg
It is now available locally in Singapore.

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