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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Visconti Salvador Dali Dance of Time I Limited Edition (薩爾瓦多·達利 時間之舞)

I am not a big fun of Visconti fan after some unpleasant incident in the past, but I couldn’t resist not adding the Visconti Surrealist Collection, Salvador Dali Dance of Time I to my collection. Visconti work with Benjamin Levi of the Stratton Foundation to pay tribute to Salvador Dali. Benjamin Levi is a well known collector among the collectors for his expert knowledge on Dali’s work.

The main image of the pen is taken a well known image by Dali “Dance of Time I”. This limited edition comes in two versions, the vermeil green lacquer and the sterling silver blue lacquer.
While this Visconti Dali limited edition is titled as “Dance of Time I”, it actually encapsulated a few Dali’s most important and widely loved themes onto the limited space of a pen.
On the pen cap, the theme was take from Surrealist Newton. The Dali’s Surrealist Newton sculptural figure, there are two holes on it. The hole on the head portrays Newton lack of mind, and the big hole on the body portrays his lack of vital organs.
Dali uses these holes to represent the transformation of Sir Isaac Newton from a human and individual into a scientific name and his incredible contribution to modern science today.
  On the pen barrel, the bleeding heart is taken from the Dali’s Unicorn sculpture. If you filled the pen with red ink, you can imagine the “blood” flow down from the open window.
This beautiful Visconti Salvador Dali Dance Of Time Limited Edition comes with a very beautiful pen holder.  The image is taken from another well loved and iconoclastic images from Dali's work, Profile of Time.
The Visconti Salvador Dali Dance of Time I Limited Edition is limited to 904 pieces worldwide for each colour. It is currently available locally in limited quantity.

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