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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rumours, Rumours SAILOR Leiji Matsumoto (松本零士) Limited Edition

For those manga fan fountain pen lovers out there, Sailor Japan will be launching Leiji Matsumoto Limited Edition this month.

He is the artist behind the popular manga like Galaxy Express (银河铁道999), Battle Spaceship Yamato (宇宙战舰大和号), Captain  Herlock (宇宙海盗王哈罗克) and others.

I think Matsumoto-san designed this pen based on Captain Herlock.

What do you think?
This limited edition comes with a pen pouch that is shaped like a knife sheath and a ink bottle with Captain Herlock printed on ink bottle cap.
This blue color Leiji Matsumoto edition is limited to 500 individually number pieces worldwide and will be available in Japan April 20 2013.

I believe there are plan to release other color edition too in the near future, and more details can be found on Sailor Japan web site.

The Montegrappa launched DC superhero edition pen. Sailor launched manga edition pen. I wonder who will be the next pen maker to launch the Marvel super hero.

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