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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sailor “KAI” The Sea at Dawn Limited Edition

The Sailor Kai Limited Edition is painted by the same artisan as the Sailor Kurenai (Crimson Red) Limited Edition launched in 2012.

Similarly to the Sailor Kurerai Limited Edtion, The Urushi Maki-e Artist Wataru Kurotobi san painted an abstract image of the dawn of the blue ocean.

This is not a new maki-e technique which maki-e artist Wataru Kurotobi san created.

This urushi decoration technique used is known as Kawari-Nuri. This urushi painting technique can be date back to the Tokugawa period (1603 - 1868).
During this peaceful period, the Samurai decorated their scabbards, and in no time, it became a fashionable. The painting in free patterns on scabbards were called the Saya nuri, which we called Kawari nuri today.
In 1876, artisan uses urushi technique to applied to small accessories after the abolition of wearing of swords in public.
Kawari nuri urushi technique is able to survive till date because the maki-e artisan reinvented the possibility of the using the decoration technique on other items, instead of just sword.
And because of their great effort, we are able to engage the work of art using Kawari nuri urushi technique today.
This Sailor ebonite KOP "Kai" Sea of Dawn Limited Edition comes with a 21K gold M and B nib size only. It is limited to 33 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

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