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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Omas Roma Limited Edition 2012

Omas launched a new collectable fountain pen series called "Le Citta" (The City). They chose Roma (Rome, Italy) as their first city as Rome was the cradle of the Western Civilization, and of the Roman Empire, the biggest in terms of management and quality of the territory with a strong socio-political organization, that laid the foundation for the modern culture. 

This is second time Rome is use as a theme by Omas for a limited edition pen collectable. The first was in the Year 2000 under the Roma 2000 Millennium Limited Edition.

You might have noticed that Omas is also bring back the Ogival shape fountain pen back into production. This Roma Limited Edition 2012 is in Ogival shape too.

The particular “guilloché” cap and the original clip evoke the shape and the grooves of the Roman arcades.
The writing “Roma” , which dominates the ring of the cap, is enriched by enamel in the three versions.

Unlike the previous edition, the Roma Limited Edition uses low relief engraving which some how is the trend.
On the pen barrel, the craftman engraved impressive flavian amphitheatre without missing a single details. We see the details of the systematic use of arches on this impressive infrastructure and how it systematic pattern bring out the beauty of the "Colosseum"
The Latin phrase S.P.Q.R., Senatus Populus Quiritium Romanus, which is engraved above the “Colosseum”, translate literally as “the Senate and (all) the Roman citizens of the Quirites” ; in the figurative sense the Roman citizens of the Quirites identify the whole Roman people in the political and military relations, i.e Romans, and in the civilian relations, i.e. the Quirites, which means citizens.
This initial S.P.Q.R. appeared indeed in the official Roman documents to ratify the will of the Roman Government, and later considered the “logo” of the Roman Republic.

Nowadays the abbreviation S.P.Q.R. stands for the coat of arms of the contemporary city of Rome.

The ring on the nib holder is decorated with a vertical fret pattern.
The engraving on the gold nib is dedicated to the majestic dome of St. Peter's, designed by Michelangelo, that rises to a total height of 136 metres and has an internal diameter of 42 metres.

This is surely one of the most impressive symbol of Rome.

- 753 piston filled Fountain Pens, 753 Roller Balls in maroon cotton resin, enamel, gold plated trim
- 214 piston filled Fountain Pens, 107 Roller Balls in 925‰ silver, enamel, pearl charcoal grey cotton resin and cornelian cabochon
- 4 piston filled Fountain Pens in rose gold, diamonds, enamel and pearl ivory cotton resin

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