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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pelikan The Unique Collection 2012

Pelikan is following the watch industry with a twist, and taking the lead to bring the 'One' concept into the writing instruments industry, hence, history in the making.

For the first time in writing instruments history, a Pelikan is made eleven individual and a set of unqiue maki-e fountain pens. It will be the ONLY ONE such function pen globally.

These One (Unique) Pelikan maki-e fountain pen will be up for auction in October 2012.

This is not a US or Europe only auction, but an an international auction that allows collectors all over the world to bid for a truly Unique (One) Collection. For each fountain pen will have its individual auction except for the one and only set in the collection. The Chinkin Four Seasons, will be auction as a set of four pens.

While some of the theme might not be new, each design is fresh and will be adapted into a Pelikan series.

Pelikan guarantees that these precise fountain pens in this Unique Collection have never been part of a Pelikan-Collection and will never become one.

The maki-e artisan painted the unique design on either the Souveran M800 or in the largest size, M1000. Like all top grade maki-e pens, the artisan will sign on the pens, also know as "Kao", and in red color,

For the Maki-e Unique Collection 2012, we have chosen 15 unique pieces, created by renowned Maki-e artists in Japan.

Sadly, like all the Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition, the fountain comes with Pelikan standard 18 carat gold nib. This Unique (One) Collection is no exception. It only comes in nib size M.
Unlike Namiki maki-e pen, little is known about the Pelikan maki-e artisan. It will boost collectors confidence if Pelikan can share the profile of their maki-e artisan.
With the honed experience of decades and excellent craftsmanship, the fountain pen model Souveraen is produced in Germany and then decorated in Japan, thus creating a perfectly crafted product that is more than the sum of each part... a little bit of magic has slipped into it.

Unique One Collection Fountain Pen are as follows:
  1. N° 1: Snow Crystal
  2. N° 2: Morning Glory
  3. N° 3: Chinkin - Four Seasons (Set)
  4. N° 4: Maki-e Toledo
  5. N° 5: Pelicans in Japan
  6. N° 6: Eight Tools
  7. N° 7: September Morning in Japan
  8. N° 8: New Year (Gold)
  9. N° 9: New Year (Black)
  10. N° 10: Samurai
  11. N° 11: Ocean Mystery
  12. N° 12: Byakko (White Tiger)
Each fountain pen is accompanied by a certificate and an auction catalog that shows all the models which are part of the Unique Collection 2012.
Each fountain pen is encased in a traditional Japanese paulownia wood gift box and on the cover of the box, three pieces of information are hand-painted in Japanese letters: The name of the artist with its red stamp, the name of the fountain pen, and the decorative Maki-e method which was used. This is nothing special as it similiar to the Pelikan Maki-e Limited Edition packaging.

Hmmm..... Will there is a Unique Collection 2013?
We think this is  a rich men game.

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