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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Porsche Design Pure Black by Pelikan

Pure Black or All Black, they are the same. It is just a play of word. The look, or rather the color, of the fountain pen is the same. It is black, matt black and not glossy black.
The other brands are starting to catch up with Parker Premium Black Edition. They might not the same, but like Pilot Capless All Black, Parker Premium Black Edition is still on the Top of all the Black Edition.

The Porsche Design Pure Black is fountain pen using the popular PVD coating technique to give the pen the extra protection against scratches, wear and abrasion.
The entire pen is PVD coated. Like Porsche car, this writing instrument follow the close to the same style, impressive and precise lines. The pen clip was a simple arc curve, which we think borrow it Porsche 911 Carrea. All the edges are very well finished.
Similar to the Pilot Vanishing Point, Capless, the fountain pen nib is the imperfect part of the this elegant pen.
Somehow, Porsche Design choose to have the 18k gold nib to be rhodium plated glossy finish, and not matt finish. We feel this is the imperfect part of a Porsche Design Pure Black fountain pen.
The ink converter is also different from the standard pen, or should we say that the way the ink converter is secured differently.
The user cannot fill the ink by dipping the pen into the ink bottle and start drawing the ink.

The standard Pelikan ink converter is secured in a cradle. The cradle is released by unscrewing it at the bottom of the pen.
We can think of two way the ink can be filled. One is to remove the converter from the cradle, and dip the converter into the ink bottle, or uses a syringe to draw ink from the ink bottle and inject it into the converter.

This reminded me an Omas pen. Do you know which Omas pen?
On the pen cap, the engraved the word Porsche Design.

This special edition pen comes with a solid aluminium paperweight finished in matt black with PVD coating as shown in the first picture.

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