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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sheaffer Nostalgia Sterling Silver Ink Blotter

Ink blotter is one victim of modern technology. It totally disappeared from our writing desk. This Sheaffer Nostalgia sterling silver blotter (model 8111) was made in England back in the mid '80.

The production stopped in early '90, about 1992.
The nostalgia design was introduce in the '70 for a fountain pen. The success of the Nostalgia fountain pen pushing Sheaffer to make manufacture match desk accessories using the same design - blotter, letter opener, and ink-well.
The size of these blotter is about 2 1/2''H., 4 3/8''L, 2''W.

The simple design is a reflection of the life style in the '70. Life is not as stressful and complex.

For the year 2011, we wish that our plain love for writing instrument will grow stronger, less complex and this world a better place for you and me till the end of time regardless how the technology advance.

Happy Valentine Day!

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