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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Namiki Yukari Double Goldfish

The Namiki Yukari double goldfish is the most popular maki-e pen of this size. It has been used by many book authors in their pen books.

The goldfish is one of the most popular and difficult theme to execute for artisan.

There are many artisan who has crafted the goldfish, but no artisan done it better than those at Kokko Kai Japan.

Among the maki-e gold fish theme pens, the Namiki Double goldfish is the most popular. This is because the gold fish is so real, and you might feel that it might just swim out of the pen when you dip it into the water.
The gold fish was crafted using takamakie. Artisan Murata-san patiently draw the fish scale one by one till the last was completed. No details was left out.
You should take a closer look at the goldfish tail and fin. Using the togidahi makie technique to create a translucent effect to give an additional dimension to the goldfish. It give us the feel that the goldfish swims elegantly and beautifully in the water.
The goldfish casual fin swiming away gracefully is an execullent example of using togidashi maki-e technique.

The entire layout of the pen is very simple but well planned. One goldfish on the cap, and another on the barrel. Both fishes are fish toward each other.
This is a high grade maki-e pens, which has the clip, and eighty plus percent of the pen decorated with gold nashiji.

I dare say artisan Murata-san (百川) goldfish work is the best in the market. Till date, I have not see one that is as good as Murata-san work.

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  1. The goldfish pen is indeed the most exquisite.
    But the double goldfish 1970s Pilot pens are as nice if not better than the yr 2000s plus piece u featured