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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dunhill Namiki Maki-e Smoking Pipe

What happen when two top brands come togather to produce a product?

The reason is one fine product that asked for double the price when they each produce their product individually.

The collabation between Japan company Namiki and Britain Alfred Dunhill dates back to the late 1920, during the "art deco" period.

It started with an experiment product launch of appling the urushi on Dunhill smoking pipe and fountain pens.
This is not the first maki-e Dunhill Namiki smoking pipe. There are about 5 other designs, which we know of before the gold fish.

This Dunhill-Namiki Maki-e goldfish pipe is limited to twenty pieces worldwide.


  1. Very nice goldfish. I hope I have a chance to take a closer look

  2. Sure. We should also try to organize a maki-e pen gathering.