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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Namiki Nippon Art - Traditional Toys and Games - Koma Tops

For our children, Christmas is the second happiness time of the year. It is a time where they receive presents (toys) from Santa. It is not that they don't receive present other time of the year, but it is a time where they receive a lot of presents in a simple moment.

Namiki try to catch this Christmas spirit with their new Nippon Art, Traditional Toys and Games, pens. The pen shown here is the one of the four design. It is titled Koma
On the barrel, there are three spinning tops at different sizes. The design was simple, elegance and colorful. Nowadays, tops come in different shape and sizes. The latest tops that our children are crazy over are called Beyblade, named after the Japan manga Beyblade.
In the traditional tops, we decorate the tops by painting it. The basic shape will not change.

Long gone are the days when we need to take time and skillful hand to paint our tops. The modern tops (beyblade) allow the users to change their tops look, feel and performance instantly using different type of designed parts for different section of the tops.

It is very much like Lego except that it has less varation - 5 group of parts.
 On the Namiki pen cap, the artisan crafted the kite flying. There are two kites surrounded by white cloud. One on each side of the clip.
Both kites are in different size giving you the dimension and feel that it is flying up in the sky.
Namiki Nippon Art is a good entry level maki-e pens. We don't think this series is hand painted, as one can compare two pens, and they look the same. The rumour was that it is hand 'touch up', wherever that mean.

It doesn't have the artisan signature on it.

It comes in the standard Namiki decorated 14k gold nib.

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