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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Roma Aeterna Limited Edition

Most of the pen that we encountered in the past using are inspire by one thing or a theme. Montegrappa Roma Aeterna draws the inspiration for its remarkable decoration from two places, which with the great strength of symbolic imagery speak to people today of the grandeur of Ancient Rome: the Roman Forum, the pulsating centre of the city’s political and military power, and the city of Pompeii, the extraordinarily vivid and expressive evidence of the daily life of the great patrician families.

The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) began as a market place, but became the economic, political, and religious hub, town square, and centre of all Rome. It is located in a valley that is between the Palatine hill and Capitoline hill. The area of the Forum was originally a marsh. Archeologists believe the Romans deliberately drained and landfill the area and turned it into a centre of political and social activity.

Early monuments remains located in the Forum include the carcer 'prison', and altar to Vulcan, the Lapis Niger, Temple of Vesta, and the Regia.

When the Roman Empire fell, the Forum became forgotten, buried and was used a cattle pasture during the Middle Age. Much of the forum has been destroyed. Columns and stone blocks are all that remain of some temples. Like many ancient Roman building, stone blocks have been removed from the Forum and used to build nearby churches and palaces.
The lost city of Pompeii was a thriving city of about 20,000 inhabitants back in AD79. On August 24 79AD, It is the last day of the city. I was totally destroyed, and completely buried under 60 feet of ash and pumice, during a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius spanning two days.

The city was forgetten, buried quietly beneath layer upon layer of ash and dirt, until its accidental discovery in 1748.
Today, Pompeii is a World Heritage Site, and one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world because the buried objects remained remarkably well-preserved for all these centuries.

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