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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The conversation continue ... Lamy Dialog 3

While our Western friends got to enjoy the conversation with Dialog 3 Q3 last year, we only managed to get hold of the Dialog 3 just before Christmas. Just in time to buy ourself a good Christmas present.

By the physical look, we feel the Lamy Dialog 3 is the Farreri of the capless. One can see the efforts that was put into the pen by the designer Franco Clivio.

A pen that has it own identity. A pen that can be spot from a distance without a 2nd look.

The palladium matt finishing of the pen is also not loud, making the pen suitable for all occassions. Pilot had been manufacturing capless for decades. So, what killer features did Lamy design into this pen for their first foray into the retractable nib fountain pen market.

Take note of the clip position on the picture above.

Now you see, now you don't. The small gap between the cap and clip disappear.

When the nib is extended, the clip retracted. This is the first fountain pen with retactable nib and clip.

What next?

See what happen when the nib retracted.

A bowl come shuting down, similar to a automatic garage door shuting down when the Farrari park itself in your garage.

Finally, a invotive twiting action.

A simple 2 line on both the cap and barrel as an indicator to inform the user that their Farrari (nib) is properly parked (fully retracted).

Pen Details
Model Name: Dialog 3
Length (nib retracted): 138mm
Length (nib extended): 154mm
Diameter: 13.5mm
Materials: Palladium Finish
Weight: 46g
Nib: 14k bi-colour gold nib, anodized, EF/F/M/B/OM/OB

The Lamy Dialog 3 is now available at HOP(e)Marketplace, and most local retailers.

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