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Friday, January 15, 2010

Let us do the twist

Since we have both the Lamy Dialog 3 and Pilot Capless Fermo, we throught it will be a good idea to do comparsion between the two.

While Lamy Dialog 3 might be the company first foray into the capless market, they engaged a well known designer to lead the effort.  The details of the designer in a printed on a paper togather with instruction booklet. As for the Pilot, no details of the designer(s) is available, but it is well know that Pilot had been manufacturing Capless since 1964.

Let get phyiscal!!!

Lamy Dialog 3
Length: 138mm
Diameter: 13.5mm
Weight: 45g
Materials: Palladium Finish
Nib: 14K EF/F/M/B/OM/OB
Color: Palladium color

Pilot Fermo
Length: 140mm
Diameter: 12mm
Weight: 34g
Materials: brass and spray pained finished.
Nibs: 18k F/M
Colour: Black/Green/Blue/Silver

The Lamy is physically a longer and heavier pen than the Pilot.

The size of the Lamy nib is also much bigger as you can see from the picture above, but the pilot is a softer nib as it uses 18K nib as compare to Lamy 2 tones 14K nib.

We prefer a heavier pen and nib that see, therefore, we are giving Lamy one point for the physical build. And one point to Pilot for their 18K nib.

Let us unscrew !!!

Let unscrew!

The first thing you will notice different in the construction of both cap and barrel of each brand, and how the designer balance the pen (where is the pen heavy section/part). You should be able to guess by looking at the below picture.

The twisting action of both pen are very different. The Pilot twist action is at the top of the cap, whereas, Lamy is at the join of the cap and barrel.

The Pilot twist action can be done in one smooth action, but Lamy in two action. We found a small design disadvantage in Lamy design. When we twist to hard, we tend to unscrew pen. Maybe that it the reason why Lamy twist action was design as a two steps action, and a two simple lines across the pen as an indicator that the pen is full retracted.

Here we give one point to Pilot.
Both pens had close to similar in the way the way hold the convertor, leaving a very small ink window. Most of the convertor are closed by the "section". However, if you take a closer look, is a different.

While the Lamy might have a small clear visible window on it section, the small little visible window is actually not a ink window.

The Lamy rubber push is taking up the space of the window. The window will have to base on their "feel" or remove the convertor to check on their level of ink. Here, we are giving Pilot one point.

The score is Lamy 1, Pilot 3.

Next, we look at the "section".

From the picture (click to enlarge), you will notice the screw track on Lamy "section".  Unlike Pilot design, Lamy had design the "section" to be securely hold it in the barrel. When you unscrew the pen, the risk of the "section" falling out of the barrel accidently is reduced. Here we give Lamy one point.

Finally, the feature that make Lamy different from the others. The retactable clip. We give one point to Lamy for this innovative design.

The final score is Lamy 3 and Pilot 3. There is no clear winner between the pen. It is individual preference. We like both pens. If you have a different view, we would love to hear from you. Do drop us a feedback. Cheers!

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