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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She is 35, pretty and widely loved

Hello Kitty is 35 this year and still is widely loved by people around the world. There are a lot of event going on in Japan, and Singapore Macdonald. MacDonald is giving away one Hello Kitty toy for every Happy Meal. Every week, there are 9 designs. Each year is represented by one design. The promotion will run for 4 weeks. The Kitty toys were sold out before end of each week. So, who say a woman loses it shine after 30.
Two pen manufacturers (Sailor and Waterman) are supporting this event by releasing new pens. Sailor has released 2 new pens; Special Edition Mini Sapporo (mentioned on July 1, 2009 "Pink is in..." on our blog) and a Limited Edition pen (introduced on July 21, 2009 "...Not ordinary Kitty..."). Both Sailor pens are not available to Singapore retailers from Sailor Agent.

The Waterman pens are, however, not a limited edition. It comes in both ballpoint and fountain pen. Although it was not mentioned, we felt it is likely to be a Special Edition with a limited production run. It comes in 3 colors; pink, blue, and off-white. The off-white are decorated with gold clips, nibs and cap top. There is a tiny Hello Kitty logo on clip and the words “35 YEARS” engraved on the side of the cap. There is no decoration on the barrel or the nib. The off-white cap top is different from the pink and blue version, it is flat. The Waterman fountain pen is cheaper than the Sailor; we estimated about S$50 cheaper. We check out a few Sanrio Kitty store in Singapore and they are not available too, however, you might get lucky at Takashimaya if you are looking for the ballpoint version.

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